Dear valued customers and friends, The well being and health of our guests and employees are of highest priority at Saboten. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak right now, we will be providing our services through take out at our current operational stores and soon via our partnered delivery platforms to continue serving Canadians through these times.

We thank you everyone for your patience and understanding during these times. We will continue to update our guests through our social media channels as further news from the government of Canada develops.

Temporary store hour Mon – Fri 11am – 6pm    Sat - Sun 11am – 5pm

Now Open in Canada - Aberdeen Centre, Richmond


勝博殿成立於1966年東京新宿。勝博殿在日文中解作“仙人掌”, 此名字代表了的創始人的願景,就是建立一家與仙人掌一樣,擁有頑強生命力的店鋪,即使在最惡劣的的環境下仍能茁壯成長。由服務到選材都一絲不拘,勝博殿瞬速成爲全日本最大炸豬排連鎖店。現時勝博殿仍繼續蓬勃發展,在世界各地包括日本、韓國、台灣、新加坡、泰國以及香港擁有超過500家分店,並於2012將業務擴展到北美,在列子文時代坊開設分鋪。


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